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At Simply Healing Trauma Inc, we understand that everyone's experience with trauma is unique. That's why we offer individualized, holistic trauma therapy that focuses on healing the body, mind, and spirit. Our experienced clinicians have diverse backgrounds and use integrative and evidence-based approaches to provide the best possible care and treatment for each individual. Our philosophy is that we don't just treat the symptoms of trauma - we help heal from the inside out.


Simply Healing Trauma Inc is a trauma-focused therapy practice that provides a safe and compassionate space for individuals looking to heal. We specialize in treating individuals from all backgrounds who have experienced trauma, such as veterans, survivors of sexual assault, and other traumatic events.

Our founders are two successful career women who have dedicated their lives to working with trauma survivors of all forms. Each had other careers before being therapists, which included law and business, allowing them to be more well-rounded and to understand the human experience. Many times, our clients are in need of support that requires an understanding of their specific circumstances - including legal battles or corporate stressors. Our unique approach to therapy combines evidence-based techniques with an understanding of the individual’s life experiences.

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